Zestimate On Your Home

Zestimate on Your Home
To zest or not to zest? We’ve all seen the Zillow estimate, or Zestimate, of what our home’s worth. So the real question is, is the juice worth the squeeze? Can you trust it? Hi, I’m Paula Quinn with RE/MAX Central. I hate to sound sour, but the answer is, yeah, no, and let me explain why. Those Zestimates can be grossly inaccurate, and it’s a unique algorithm based on public data. No one has ever once stepped in your neighborhood or foot in your home, so it can’t account for any unique features or any upgrades that you may have made. For example, say you and your neighbor have homes that are comparable in terms of square footage and of age. But you recently upgraded your kitchen to make it a chef’s dream, but your neighbors are still rockin’ the 1980s kitchen. Well, Zillow’s Zestimates for both your homes will likely be similar, because Zillow just doesn’t have any of that information. But that doesn’t seem fair, right? Well, Zillow even acknowledges its lack of accuracy, stating that their Zestimates are only within 5% of the accurate value 50% of the time, 50% percent? This Zestimate is on a house that is currently pending, and notice the listing price is 425, which is currently under contract and was only six days on the market. Also notice the Zestimate price today at $410,000, $15,000 less than the listing price. Even crazier, look at the Zestimate history for the Zestimate on the day that this property was listed, 357,000, $67,000 less than the list price. Just think if these owners had gone with what this estimate was versus a real estate professional versed in this particular market and that home. They would have lost tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why, if you’re wondering what your home is worth, it’s important to get a comparative market analysis, or a CMA, done on your home to get your true market value by our local professional, and that’s where I come in. If you’re wondering what your home is worth, just click on the link below, submit your request for a CMA. I just need your name and address, an email and a phone number so I can follow up and ask questions about your property. And no, I’m not gonna stalk you. I know Central Minnesota, I know the neighborhoods, the types of things that sell homes in our markets, and I’ll have it ready for you in no time. Better yet, call me, and I can step through your home, for free, again, and give you an even more accurate value. I’m Paula Quinn, and I’m making buying and selling as easy as three clicks of the heel, because there’s no place like home. Creating a tradition of trust, your realtor for life. Paula Quinn, RE/MAX Central.
Zestimate on Your Home

Zestimate on Your Home
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