Checklist: Things To Repair Before Listing Your House in Little Falls

If you are considering listing your house, you will likely have to make at least some repairs – it’s inevitable. But where do you start, what repairs do you need to make, and when is enough good enough when listing your home? The rule of thumb here is to make just those repairs that will help you make more money at sale time and not cause you to lose money by dumping more into the repairs than you can recover. To help you out here is my checklist of things to repair before listing your house in Little Falls.

Interior Updates:

  • Brighten the interior of your home with fresh paint, opting for lighter, neutral tones to appeal to a wider range of buyers.
  • Don’t forget to fill all those nail holes and paint after fixing and filling.
  • Focus on painting rooms with dirty, dingy, or damaged paint, as well as those with bright, unconventional colors. You want your home to allow buyers to envision what they can do to make it their own versus what they need to “fix” so that it does. A clean “page” can make all the difference.
  • Check all flooring and at minimum do any necessary fixes. If within budget, replace and/or update where possible and if needed

Exterior Enhancements:

  • Check the roof for missing shingles and ensure guttering is in good condition. Work with your Realtor to determine if replacing the roof prior to listing is in your best interest or not.
  • Touch up paint on siding and fascia to enhance curb appeal.
  • Consider replacing the main entry door for a cost-effective boost in appearance. If not replacement consider painting.
  • Repair and clean all gutters.
  • Look at driveways and sidewalks to ensure there are no tripping hazards that should be fixed.
  • Prioritize curb appeal by mowing, raking, trimming shrubs and trees, and laying down fresh mulch. Fresh mulch can do so much!
  • Another Pro tip is to have the house and all cement pressure washed to present a “shiny penny” to potential buyers.
  • Add colorful outdoor accents with strategically placed flowers and address any issues with fencing.

Bathroom Repairs:

  • Fix dripping faucets, running toilets, and ensure proper flushing and drainage.
  • Address stained or moldy grout by re-grouting tiled areas.
  • New faucets will give a refreshed and more up to date look.
  • Install new toilet seats to refresh the look if replacing toilets isn’t feasible.
  • Repaint to give bathrooms a newer, brighter appearance.

Kitchen Updates:

  • Replace dated lighting, countertops, and appliances, if financially feasible.
  • Ensure all appliances are functioning optimally, repairing any issues as needed.
  • Refinish cabinet doors and paint walls
  • Consider installing a new kitchen sink or faucet for a refreshed look.
  • Consult with your agent before undertaking a complete kitchen upgrade or renovation to be sure that the investment will be recouped when you sell.

Lighting and Electrical Enhancements:

  • Repair non-operating fixtures and replace dated lighting to brighten the space.
  • Install additional lighting where needed to enhance overall appeal.
  • Update switch and outlet plates for a quick and inexpensive improvement.
  • Address any dead or faulty outlets to ensure proper functionality.
  • Change all lightbulbs to be bright and all the same temperature (Cool or warm) throughout the home. This also helps when photos are taken of your home. Nothing worse than two lamps on either side of a bed having to different hues. The lighting needs to highlight brightness, potentially brighter than what you would normally live with.

General Maintenance:

  • Attend to any broken, damaged, or malfunctioning components throughout the house.
  • Invest in repairs that will enhance the overall presentation without exceeding potential returns on investment.
  • Have an HVAC company come and do a clean and check up. Fix anything that they find and save your receipts to share with potential buyers.
  • If you have wood fireplaces be sure to have them inspected, cleaned and repaired before listing your home.
  • If you are willing, hire an independent Home Inspector to go thru your home to identify repairs that you were not aware of. Keep in mind that anything the Home Inspector finds you will need to disclose on your home disclosures, so you need to be willing to fix items that are found.

By adhering to this checklist, you can guarantee that your property is in excellent condition for listing in Little Falls, enhancing its attractiveness to potential buyers and maximizing your return on investment in renovations.

Finally, it goes without saying that anything broken, damaged, or not working properly should be on your list things to repair before listing your house in Little Falls. You do have to spend some money to get your house ready for showings, but you shouldn’t invest more than you can recover when you sell.

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