First Impressions Matter When Selling Your Home in Little Falls

Selling Your Home In Little Falls

We’ve all heard the phrase that you only get one chance to make a great first impression. The same thing goes for your house when you’re selling your home in Little Falls. Here are four surefire ways to make an unforgettable first impression.

Hi, I’m Paula Quinn, your local realtor with RE/MAX Central, right here in Central Minnesota.

The first way, to make sure that all repairs are completed. Over 75% of buyers are strictly visual, so they can’t see past the missing trim, unfinished paint, and uncleanliness.

Second, make sure all property disclosures and information you want potential buyers to know are ready for your agent to put online when your house goes live on the MLS.

And third, take the time to allow your agent to get all the marketing together, such as videos, pictures, 3D models, Just Listed postcards, social media marketing, et cetera.

And last, but certainly not least, the price. You wanna stay inside the range you receive in your market analysis. Studies show that if a price is priced too high, that the seller actually in the long run gets less. Remember, any potential buyers that walk through your home at the beginning want to look at it when it’s fresh and it first hits the market at the right price. And if the property’s overpriced, they will quickly cross it off their list and they’re unlikely to revisit it, even if the price drops later.

If you hit the market with a big bang with these four things, you will reap huge rewards when selling your home in Little Falls.

And remember, I want you to love where you live, Paula Quinn, your local realtor with RE/MAX Central. Talk to you soon.

First Impressions Matter When Selling Your Home In Little Falls
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