Quinn In the Community with Chris Brigman of Rosenmeier Law Office

Quinn In the Community with Chris Brigman of Rosenmeier Law Office

Hey everybody, Paula Quinn here with Re/Max Central I’ve got Chris Brigman from Rosenmeier Law Office. We’re gonna talk a little bit about what Chris does here in the community for us and I’m gonna ask him a few questions, so hold on. So Chris, tell me a little bit about why you got into law, why you’re doin’ what you’re doin’?

I have a couple reasons why I got into it. My mother’s a lawyer, so I kinda come from a lawyer family. My uncle was an attorney and he was actually a dean at the University at Alabama Law School. I went to Michigan State University, go Spartans. My degree there was in political theory and constitutional democracy and I had a socialization in political economy. So, I was either gonna be a lawyer or I was gonna teach social studies, so. And then I just decided that I need to do something that is worthwhile to me, that I feel like I’m happy going and doing every single day that just kinda sparks my, not so much enjoyment, but my passion in doing that work and so being a lawyer and being the specific kind of lawyer that I am I do a lot of litigation, so that means I’m in court a lot, fighting over stuff for people. That can give you the opportunity to provide a service to people that was also a job that I could do.

So, a Michigan guy, huh. How did you get yourself here, to Minnesota, in Little Falls?

To be clear, Michigan State is different than Michigan. The University of Michigan is different than Michigan State. I know it’s not a big deal but it’s so funny to me ’cause everybody from Minnesota, is like, oh, you went to Michigan, right and

That’s where we go snowmobiling.

Yes, up in the U. P., don’t cha know. So my wife is a Schilling, if you guys know who the Schilling’s are.

Okay, sure.

They’re a big clan around here and we met in law school and we got married and we decided to move out here probably about two years ago, around fourth of July. Had the opportunity, I met Peter Vogel and Brigid Fitzgerald they are the partners at the Rosenmeier Law Office and Brigid does a lot of the family law stuff that I did back in Michigan and Peter does a lot of the Social Security Disability and Real Estate stuff that I wanted to get into so we decided hey, why not move back to Fort Ripley.

Sure, so now you’ve family and the passion of the law that you’re workin’ with.


What a great combination.

Yeah, it’s nice with my wife’s family, you know, kinda built in family no matter where you go. I like to joke that you can’t throw a Schilling around here without hitting a Schilling, so.

So, Chris, we’ve talked a little bit about you and what you do from a legal perspective. If there is somebody out there, who would that person be that you could really help today?

Well, we’re a general practice law firm, so if you have an issue and you really don’t know what’s going on then we’d love to be that resource that you can bring your paperwork to and have a sit down conversation with an attorney and say, hey, what’s going on here or if you have a problem related to family law, you know divorces and child custody, child support, stuff like that, I’m happy to help. If you are looking at your estate planning needs trying to figure out what you can do to maybe manage your wealth and have it pass from one generation to the next, you’re a property owner who’s looking to, either split up your properties, sell your property, or buy property, then we can assist you with that or like I said, a general practice, so if there’s something that’s too specialized that we aren’t able to help you with then we can certainly help you find an attorney who can meet your needs.

That’s a big deal, great. Thank you, Chris, appreciate you taking the time to just share with me and to share with everybody else out there just, again, what you are able to do right here in our community.

Thank you for inviting me. I always like to tell people, it’s really nice to meet you, when they come in. It’s really nice to meet you, I wish it was under better circumstances. We’ll see what we can do to help.

Quinn In the Community with Chris Brigman of Rosenmeier Law Office

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Quinn in the Community with Chris Brigman of Rosenmeier Law Office
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