Timeline for Selling The Step Before Listing

Timeline for Selling The Step Before Listing

Timeline for Selling The Step Before Listing

A question that I often get asked about is the timelines when selling. One of the most important steps is the step before actually listing the home. First, we need to get your home ready to sell. You want to be careful not to just slap that home up on the MLS prior to really having it in show-ready condition. You’re going to hear me say that more than once. Look for the video on what you should fix prior to going on the market and this will give you a good idea of a few things that you needed to think about prior to letting buyers into the home.

After you and I meet, and you decide to list with me, I will step through all of the contracts that you need to sign. These include the listing agreement, the property disclosures and many more that I will help step you through and explain. Those property disclosures are important so that the buyers have these available once listed and are fully aware of the condition of your home prior to making an offer.

Once we have an executed contract, then I will schedule another appointment with you to come into your home and walk through the home to give you recommendations on some of my staging to make sure that we enhance the appearance of your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. This also helps improving your return on investment. Don’t worry, there is no additional cost to this service, it’s just part of what I do. But it’s an essential step before listing because research has shown the importance of staging in relation to the amount of money that you will get on your home as well as how quickly your home will sell. This type of staging often just simply utilizes your furniture and your belongings, displaying them in a different way. It may mean simply decluttering or removing a couple of those belongings to make sure that your spaces show just a little bit bigger.

The same walk-round will also include the outside of the home, especially the front of the home and other key selling areas to ensure that that will also attract as many buyers as possible.

Once the home is in show-ready condition, we will schedule the photographer, the videographer, drone footage and anything else appropriate to capitalize on all the unique features of your home. Once we have the pictures and videos, we will start working on the backend of the marketing of your home. And while this is behind-the-scenes work, it is one of the most important parts of being able to target the right buyers with the right information to get the most money for your home. I don’t just put out a sign and stick it on the MLS. The marketing plan is much more detailed than that. I’ve a very strategic and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that I utilize for everyone and every one of my clients. This involves running highly targeted campaigns across multiple social platforms.

Please note that just because your home is posted on a personal or even a business Facebook page, it is not enough and your home will actually get 97% less exposure by doing it that way. Rest assured, I know how to properly expose your home across all of those multiple social media platforms. And I’d be happy to step you through the comprehensive marketing plan so that you can see the thousands, yes thousands, of potential buyers that these ads reach.

Okay, so now that the marketing components of the comprehensive digital marketing plan are ready to go, we are ready to place your home live on the MLS, yes finally. We’re ready to hang the signs and start scheduling walk-throughs of your home by buyers and their agents.

Don’t forget the part of posting on the MLS, we are actually integrated and will be on major sites like Zillow, remax.com, realtor.com and dozens of others. I make sure that these profiles are enhanced to give your listing the optimum performance and exposure on many of those key sites. As always, thank you for watching my videos and watch for additional videos that discuss other steps in that selling process, like inspections, appraisals and even those offers.

If you’re ready to look at listing your home, call me and I will help get your property in show-ready condition. Creating a tradition of trust, your realtor for life, Paula Quinn, RE/MAX Central.

Timeline for Selling The Step Before Listing

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