You Will Negotiate 3 Times When Selling A House In Little Falls MN

Sellers, did you know that when selling a house in Little Falls, you will negotiate with your buyers three times between the initial contract and closing? This is important to know when selling a house in Little Falls MN.

Hi, my name is Paula Quinn, your local realtor with RE/MAX Central, right here in Central Minnesota.

The first negotiation occurs when a seller receives an offer. This initial offer sets the wheels in motion, we negotiate things like purchase price, closing costs and dates. This is the negotiation that most people are familiar with.

After that initial offer is negotiated and accepted, the buyers then schedule inspections. Once those inspections are completed, the buyers may request repairs to be done at the seller’s expense. This is negotiation number two. The agents negotiate for the buyers and sellers to come to an agreement on what the seller will repair.

The third negotiation is after the bank ordered buyer appraisal. The appraisal not only gives us the value for the home but also tells us the requirements that are required to be completed before the buyer can receive the loan and close on the property. So now we have to negotiate on who completes and pays for those repairs.

With all this negotiating, it is so important that your agent is a negotiation expert. Did you know that only 3% of agents in the United States sell more than 24 homes per year? Here at RE/MAX Central we sold over 100 homes, 27.5% of the local market in 2019, and that means we negotiated well over 300 times. This year through July, we’ve already negotiated over 240 times for 36.4% of the local market. When selling a house, I would love to negotiate for you too!

Remember, I want you to love where you live. Paula Quinn, your local realtor with RE/MAX Central. Talk to you soon.

You Will Negotiate 3 Times When Selling A House In Little Falls MN
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