The Discount Realtor Zone

The Discount Realtor Zone!

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension of not only sight and sound, but of realtors, good and bad, a journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are that of imagination. Discount brokers offering nothing but outlandish offers, or true professionals with a marketing plan and an advertisement budget? There’s the signpost ahead, your next stop, The Discount Realtor Zone.

Guess who just got their real estate license and is kicking butt? Oh, oh, not officially, but it sounded good. Nervous?

– Yeah!

– Yeah!

– Yeah, me too. But hey, at least it’s your money and not mine. I mean everyone else says they’re the expert, why can’t I? We’ll figure it out together.

– Just figure it out?

– Don’t worry about it. I’m one of thousands of real estate agents in the area. It’s gonna be fine.

– So are you good with marketing?

– Yeah, we’re okay.

– Just okay? So no digital marketing, no funnels, and no mass digital social media exposure?

– Well, I do open houses. I put up a sign. And I share it with my friends on Facebook. Since we don’t know how to properly market, we just gotta hope they see the sign! Well you know, call me, I mean call me, call me. I got a iPhone! I’ll take great pics! I’ll do an open house! I said I’d post it on my page!

Don’t get lost in the Discount Realtor Zone. When selling your home, just okay is not okay. You need an agent that has a proven disruptive and strategic digital marketing plan, one who knows how to market your home to the masses online. The great news is, I’m one of those agents. I’m part of the 1% of agents who actually knows how to use social media properly in their digital marketing strategy. If you’re ready to put your home in front of more buyers than those discount guys could ever dream of, give me a call.

And as always, I appreciate you taking the time to watch my videos. Please like, comment and share video with anyone you think may get stuck in the Discount Realtor Zone.

Paula Quinn, Re/Max Central, your realtor for life. If you would like a free market analysis for the value of your home, click on learn more below, and shoot me your address.

Paula Quinn  – RE/MAX Central   (612) 810-3907

The Discount Realtor Zone Paula Quinn
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